This blog was created in response to friends asking me to share about my travels to Palestine, Palestinians I met during my travels asking me to share their stories upon my return, and my own need to integrate what I experienced of oppression and occupation in Palestine with the struggles for freedom, justice and equality in the United States, and beyond.

I decided to write this blog as a spiritual practice – committing myself not just to pay attention to the injustices that take place all around me, but to give voice to the damage and destruction they cause – and to add my voice to those working to create a more just world. I write as a way of acknowledging the deep sickness I feel in my soul at the actions perpetrated by my government – actions I regularly benefit from and actions that must be confronted. I write out of a deep commitment to be part of a community of resistance, knowing I have much to learn about what this means and how to do this. I write as a Baptist minister, grounding my work for justice in my own ancient faith tradition, even as I honor those who work for justice from different starting points.

This blog is not meant to provide answers, but to share what I’m learning, and how it is both challenging me and growing me. Please add your voice to the mix when you have questions, critique, or additional insight, so that we can learn and grow together, so that we can, together, give greater voice to the struggles we are working to overcome.

I am grateful to the 25+ activists I met in Palestine, whose insights have been the seeds of much that I will reflect upon. I am also grateful for the delegation with whom I shared this journey; our communal experiences, and our conversations, have been the soil in which I continue to process all I’ve witnessed. I am grateful for the gift of shared resources, and give thanks especially to Adrián Ramirez López for many of the photographs that appear in this blog.