Support for Palestine

graffiti from Bethlehem’s wall

Pain and suffering are abundant these days – in Palestine, in the U.S., and in communities that have been displaced, dispossessed and disenfranchised everywhere. Yet just as pain and suffering abound, so, too, abound communities of strength and communities of support, as well as opportunities to stand in solidarity, to share in the struggle for justice and to help sustain those who are enduring injustice.

For those of you who want to offer more than thoughts or prayers to Palestinians struggling for freedom, justice and equality – for those of you who want to respond to the massacres in Gaza, the embassy move in Jerusalem, Trump’s relentless affirmation of Israel despite its war crimes, violence, and the ongoing inhumane treatment of people in the West Bank, here’s one tangible, meaningful way you can offer your support: make a donation to Stop The Wall, a grass roots network of organizations in the West Bank working hard at the local level to support those who have been harmed, displaced or endured damage to their property or livelihood.

Your support not only helps those who are enduring injustice – it also lets Palestinians know there are lots of folks in the U.S. who care deeply about what is happening, who are outraged by the actions of the U.S. and Israeli governments, and who are willing to do something to challenge the inhumanity and injustice taking place. Even donating $5 to replant an olive tree is an act of resistance, solidarity, hope and healing. Please consider supporting this amazing organization and their important work.

Here’s the link to offer your support:

And here’s the appeal from Jamal Juma’, Head of Stop The Wall:

*A word about donations – in light of the difficulties of sending money to Palestine (another layer of Occupation’s injustice) your funds will be processed in Spain. This may cause your credit card company to issue a potential fraud alert. I assure you this group, and the donation process, is legitimate – and your dollars will go directly to meeting the needs of Palestinians.

Thank you for your support!

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